Thank You Sam

These are my days of stress
Of schedules and deadlines
Commitments buzzard overhead
Waiting for those bloody bits
Of flesh that fall-off as I scrape
Myself across demandments
That never seem to end.

Then a note to me
From your friend
Telling me of
Your two month’s sleep.

What little is left, he said
Of that devil’s thing
In your head
Is now benign,
Yet you sleep still.You woke once
– blind –
And slept again.You awoke again
For a time too brief
Yet you could see
Your family,
(and I was glad.)

And your friend
Who wrote me asked
What you would say to me.
You told him to tell me,

“Take care.”

These may be my days of stress
Days of blood and muscle exposed, yet
To hear two words of regard for me,
From one who living on the edge
Of a final fatal chasm for many months,
Who now sleeps the deepest sleep,
Of forever or a minute more
(who knows?)

And for whom life had dealt
The cruelest joke on vivacity
And youthful spirit.
Found time in her brief waking
To give me her concern.

Nothing, not even
My picked at and exposed bones,
Could bother me anymore today.

Thank you sam.


For Amanda

For Amanda:

Real School! Oh, yes it’s cool!

Math `n stuff `sif not enough

They say they need to make you Read!

But surely, you can be up early

You can’t hide! `Cuz if you tried

You can’t be cool at Real School!

In a flurry! So better hurry!

Mom so tries, to make you nice

`Cuz you know? She loves you so.

— Sebastian 2007


provoquant avatar

this is about my friend sam.
those of you who remember her know:

she had a blog
she was a model
she was smart
she was a terrific writer
she was indescribably provocative

so there was this thing in her brain

a tumor

they’d cut half of it out

did all sorts of things

and her hair fell off

then they told her

she had anywhere
from three weeks
to three years to live

she told the world about it in her blog

many hated her for telling this
but some of us stuck by her
and cheered her on

that was two months ago

she began to feel better

started writing again
started stumbling again

and we were glad for her
and we cheered her on
and hoped it would last

well then she stopped

today i learned that

three weeks ago
they’d tried to cut
the rest of it off

and now she’s in a coma
and if she wakes up
she may be blind

it’s too soon for you to go sam

but if you do

we’ll keep on cheering