Moonlight Dancing

Had I notions to not include you
These would have failed for the music
It conspired with your gravity and
The light tugged me into your dance

With nothing more than a slow dance
Between us, we explored avenues
That drifted us from sound to light
With music we formed from the moonlight

I knew there was a reason for this dance
For Moonlight’s the thing we remember
Come morning, as its song still plays
While the sheets rumple in surprise


Watching The Moon Phases

Watching the moon phases
I take wing, and train eyes
On each minor tragedy
That passed this story.

How many there are I cannot tell
But they cover the ground of it
Alternating with the moonlight
This story of mine.

Making myself useful to the rest
And seeing the signs
That remain the covering of pasts
Sooner forgotten.

Allow the moon her will
She knows more and all
And so you are lost
Now he sleeps, for certain

You Know The Moon Loves You With Her Light

Silent the shadows
Creep along, inevitable
And wait the moments.

You dread its coming
Yet you long for it.
Certain for both.

Is it there for certain?
Can you know its secrets
And where it’s been?

You need strife, and its scars
Show on the moon
And you cry at its beauty.

You’d have no other
But the light of the moon
To sing for tonight.

Tell your mind it’s enough
Go! sing the moon her praises
And await the inevitable.

And in that truth
You know the moon
Loves you with her light.

sebastian 2007

You were the bright Mistress Moon

You were the bright Mistress Moon once
That knew her own light and power.
You ruled the passion of the Nights and flung
Secret passioned arrows at those about.

But Time ran and His mother’s shadow covered you
And then that blood red aspect of you showed
So by that you thought yourself diminished
And slept for many circuits until you awoke.

And there the Morning Star was glowing
An unearthly light that showed to stir
Those secret passions you once had made
And wanted once more for yourself.

As well you glanced past her glow and saw
The setting Sun and knew its warming light
And wished to yourself that you too could move
Those flaming chariot steeds with your thoughts.

And you strove heartily after the Sun and he looked
And saw that you had your own precious light.
And the two of you glowed and shared the Sky
And all of Sky glowed gladly along in delight.

But while the brightness lasted another secret glowed
And when the Sun had set there showed awhile
An Evening Star that glowed and cast its own shadows
And you beheld this at once and were curious.

So whenever the Sun would glow you’d take him in
And he you, and you both knew this aspect of you
That a Brightly glowing Evening Star could glow
In it’s brilliance own a part of the sky with you.

Came then once the Morning Star, an aspect showed.
She sought to move the shadows back to cover you
And dim your light with deep whisperings to
The Evening Star, and he listened with alarm.

He doubted now and fled you, the Moon who sought
To brighten him further. But he knew only his own
And that brilliance matched the Morning Star’s
For they were of the same substance.

You lay now diminished, but know your loss
As you await the Sun. And you sleep away
That blood red aspect that will pass with time
For you know that the sky will again be gladly glowing.

-sebastian 2007