Stop in 7-eleven in New York

Stop in 7-eleven in New York



    “The last wave by crying how bright, their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay.”

Getting ready for more important things

    They say procrastination is part of the writing process. The mind needs space away from the subject in order to be able to create without inhibition. I decided to make this post instead.

    Visual communication through a semeowtic lens.

    And you thought that hair just happened, didn’t you?

    This is why FIFA needs goal line technology.

    I never knew preparing to be creative could be this much fun.

    I make a truce with you, Walt Whitman–
    I have detested you long enough.
    I come to you as a grown child
    Who has a pig-headed father;
    I am old enough now to make friends.
    It was you that broke the new wood,
    Now it is time for carving.
    We have one sap and one root–
    Let there be commerce between us.

Intrepeep Dreamer


    ntrepeep Dreamer

That was fun

    But it’s good being normal again. Whatever that means.