About the author

Sebastián Montecorte Saavedra is the pen name of a pirate, anarchist and (occasional) poet. He is a student of the Classics, of Human Nature and how to live cheaply while remaing romantically apart from modern society. He does not own a television set.


2 Comments on “About the author”

  1. Tobey says:

    hey seb. are you still on su? do you still remember me? lol

  2. Brotha Man says:

    I am hooked on sugar, television, pity and dispair.
    I am trying to “Be Here Now.”
    I can not imagine life without television.
    I justify it (television) by convincing myself PBS
    Is worth it. It PBS Is sometimes extremely entertaining and enlightning. Oh, wait a moment,
    all of life(living) is like this.

    What is true anarchy?

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