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    Zappa Does Bolero

    “The rock and roll business is pretty absurd, but the world of serious music is much worse”
    — Frank Zappa interview 1984

    If you speak your mind with creativity and integrity, you might also get to have an asteroid named after you

    Frank Zappa always managed to slip in a sort of sloppy, ironic sensibility to all his creative work. He knew better than to take whatever he was doing too seriously. But by so doing, he reminded Rock and Roll that music was meant to be fun.

Poverty and Water in Africa

      The lack of safe water and proper sanitation in the developing world is felt most by rural dwellers and the urban poor. With few medical resources at their disposal, the poor are particularly vulnerable to chronic illnesses that hinder their productivity, making the escape from poverty even more difficult.

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GEARFUSE & Edgar Allan Bro

    *raggae beat*
    Once’pon — a midnight dreary,
    While I pondered weak en weery, over
    many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore,
    (forgotten lore, forgotten lore)
    While I nodded nearly nappin’
    (ne-ne-nearly nappin’)
    suddenly! there came a-tappin’
    *drum beats tapping*
    as if someone gently rappin’
    (rappin’ a-rappin, a-rap rap rappin’)
    a-rappin at me chamber door.

    cat with painter

Red Army Beat It.f4v

    Post-maoist socialist realism is fun.