Bloomberg Launches Another Impassioned Defense Of Cordoba House

    Why the Cordoba House Should Be Built Where Proposed

    And in case anyone is wondering why the soon-to-be-built Islamic center in New York will be called the “Cordoba House.”

    During its heyday around the turn of the last millennium, Cordoba was the largest and most cultured city in Europe. The city hosted the largest library in the world, so it was no wonder that it was here that the famous Arabic scholar Averroes wrote his commentaries on Aristotle (which later inspired Abelard to teach them in Paris) and the Jewish philosopher Moses Maimonides formulated his 13 Principles of Faith. It was a city where Muslims, Jews and Christians lived in social harmony.

    I’m in favor or placing an Islamic center at the proposed location. I understand how some Americans think of Islam as an easy target considering that Al-Quaeda is an Islamic fundamentalist movement, but the United States needs to create friends with moderate Islam if it wants to end terrorism. This is a good beginning, and I think New York should be proud to host this and show the world the true meaning of freedom. Mayor Bloomberg understands this and I’m proud of him.


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