Poemas del río Wang: A sonnet is born


    God had imprisoned our minds in space.
    Those puny things have remained prisoners.
    Thought, the hungry bird of prey fought the curse,
    but never breached its diamond bars embrace

    I’m though a happy bird who manages to cope
    By peeking outside through a window of my cage,
    from nothing a new universe I learned to stage,
    like from spiderwebs prisoners weave a rope.

    With new natural laws, past the narrow sky.
    I opened up a new infinity past the thinkable;
    no king in history has conquered more than I

    by stealing the secret treasures of the impossible
    Listen Euclid, your laws command you not to plod
    beyond your prison; I just laugh at you with God.

    Mihly Babits
    Translation by Paul Sohar


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