The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

    I’m trying now to imagine a world looking back into history at a time when discussion about human rights were commonplace. Where practically the entire land surface of the planet, plus so many miles into the oceans, belonged to the territory of some government. And the movements and rights of individuals were tied to whether or not those governments could claim you as a citizen before assuring you of those movements and rights.

    I’d like to believe the future will be more sensible. That anyone can live wherever in the world they desired as long as they agreed to obey the laws of that place. That the full rights described by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights would be accorded without question, and not limited to those who were citizens of that place.

    Perhaps this world would look at the concept of citizenship as just another exclusionary rule of suppression. I wonder what the people of the future will think of us and our rules on citizenship? My guess is that we will be perceived the same way people of today perceive slave owners in Virginia in 1861.

    Image: Japanese Latino family being moved into an internment camp


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