Do you notice how fashion no longer dates you, but that gadgets do? The generational jumps between the 20’s and the 90’s were easy to spot by observing clothing and hair styles. Look at photos of The Beatles between 1963 and 1971 and you will see what I mean. The fellows in this video look like they could have shot this yesterday. But seeing a large cellphone with an antenna, not to mention the PDA from The Land of the Giants (note also how TV show references can date you) quickly dates this for the gadget conscious. What is even more interesting is that these people were exaggerating the technical capabilities of the day. Remote internet access via webcam from the beach sounds nicely feasible today, but even now, to expect smooth video and sound from 3G wireless sounds like pushing it. Sharing content via the internet would still have been limited to small email attachments in an era when broadband was still being developed. But they were prophetic for their day, and this sort of reality-based, guerilla advertising would have made them ahead of the curve.

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