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    But it’s good being normal again. Whatever that means.

Climate science: Spin, science and climate change | The Economist

    from the page:

    Insuring against catastrophe
    Plenty of uncertainty remains; but that argues for, not against, action. If it were known that global warming would be limited to 2°C, the world might decide to live with that. But the range of possible outcomes is huge, with catastrophe one possibility, and the costs of averting climate change are comparatively small. Just as a householder pays a small premium to protect himself against disaster, the world should do the same.

    Now some know me as an inveterate optimist, and I’m normally skeptical about exaggerated scientific claims in popular media, but if it comes down to a choice between averting potential environmental disaster and penny-pinching to satisfy a privileged few, well…

Saints And Sinners | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

Gabrielle dEstr – Master Of The Fontainebleau School Gallery – Portrait Painting Art

    Gabrielle d’Estrées and one of her Sisters
    Date :c. 1595
    Technique :Oil on canvas, 96 x 125 cm
    Type :portrait
    Form :painting
    Location :Musée du Louvre, Paris

Alex Gross & Constantin Nimigean – oitzarisme

Christopher Payne Photography

    Patient Toothbrushes, Hudson River State Hospital, New York