Carnival 2010 – The Big Picture –

    “…What is the next book?” “The ‘Galatea’ of Miguel de Cervantes,” replied the barber. “That Cervantes has been my intimate acquaintance these many years,” replied the curate, “and I know he has been more conversant with misfortunes than with poetry. His book, indeed, has I do not know what looks like a good design; he aims at something, but concludes nothing; therefore we must stay for the second part, which he has promised us; perhaps he may make us amends, and obtain a full pardon, which is denied him for the present; till that time, keep him prisoner at your house.”

    — Miguel de Cervantes, The First Part of the Life and Achievements of the Renowned Don Quixote de la Mancha: VI: Of the pleasant and curious scrutiny which the curate and the barber made of the library of our ingenious gentleman

tribute to don quixote by Uniao da Ilha samba school


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