How to report the news – Boing Boing

    How to write an Intrepid Dreamer review

    This is a typical SU-review by this author for this account. Here you can see the standard, pithy, ambiguous comment.

    This is sometimes, but not always, ante-ceded (note the fatuous use of an uncommonly used “big word” — all the while noticing that he has used words using the same hard-to-spell vowel combination — as well as over-aggressive hyphenation) by a somewhat-but-not-quite appropriate image.

    Note then how everything is contained in a box and text effects using CSS-attributes. The completely gratuitous stylistic convention for this blog is to allow 1.8 ems of line-height with 0.05 ems of letter-spacing.

    All in an effort to mimic the style of the site being reviewed.


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