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“Eurydice” by H.D.– Study Text

    hell is no worse than your earth
    above the earth,
    hell is no worse,
    no, nor your flowers
    nor your veins of light
    nor your presence,
    a loss;
    my hell is no worse than yours
    though you pass among the flowers and speak
    with the spirits above the earth.

    H.D. Discover the Best of the Web

    “That’s how you Americans see things: It either works or it’s a total disaster. No middle ground.” ~Seb

    And I said it in a manly way too!

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    I remember a time when SU had a link to feedback on every page.
    This page has one.

How to report the news – Boing Boing

    How to write an Intrepid Dreamer review

    This is a typical SU-review by this author for this account. Here you can see the standard, pithy, ambiguous comment.

    This is sometimes, but not always, ante-ceded (note the fatuous use of an uncommonly used “big word” — all the while noticing that he has used words using the same hard-to-spell vowel combination — as well as over-aggressive hyphenation) by a somewhat-but-not-quite appropriate image.

    Note then how everything is contained in a box and text effects using CSS-attributes. The completely gratuitous stylistic convention for this blog is to allow 1.8 ems of line-height with 0.05 ems of letter-spacing.

    All in an effort to mimic the style of the site being reviewed.

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    King Ghidorah Kitty

    There’s nothing like a three-headed monster version of everyone’s favorite cute cultural icon to end the earth a day wtih.