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Film Career of Peter Sellers

Film Career of Peter Sellers


Blog on woodtypes. What’s not to like?

Stumbleupon Meta Discussion #1 – Intrepid Dreamer

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    I suppose I have V4 to thank.

    Having worked hard on my SU blog only to find it suddenly irrelevant in SU’s eye (and I suspect this was always the case).

    Having done this for a few days:

    It is easier entering information into Tumblr while making it look good
    It is not as much fun as formating posts in SU
    There is no easy way to manage tags here either
    While waiting and seeing on SU V4 revised tagging tools (while assuming CH wasn’t just kidding), let’s consider the following work pattern:

    Click on stumble button
    Thumbs up
    Review on tumblr
    repeat as necessary (based on coolness)
    See, that wasn’t so hard, was it?

    Now about that tag cloud…

    I note that the tag cloud has been fixed. Bravo! This makes su useful again.

    But its blogging and tagging usability is still lower than it was prior to V4. I shall continue to blog on Tumblr since that’s now way more fun. I still find cool stuff here but I don’t do as much reading of reviews.

    There is rich content on blogs everywhere, tumblr included. You simply have to be selective about whom you read.


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