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    Some would have it that none of this formatting stuff works in V4, but once they’ve finished renting their clothes and tearing their hair, and returned to what they do best – finding out how to do beautiful things, with limited tools – you’ll see that things have not changed all that much.[/ftp]

    But you see CH, it’s not that we actually like having limited tools. We simply tolerate it and look for workarounds. SU’s only advantage is the simplicity of the interface allows for formatting creativity.

    And the rending of clothes, pouring of dust and self-flagellation is not over the lack of formatting tools but over the fact that the new code broke old posts, That has been corrected since mostly because of the rending of clothes, pouring of dust and self-flagellation that brought the problem to attention in the first place.

    Sorry Ani, but the “voice of reason” belongs to those who give constructive comments and suggestions rather than to those who issue official sounding statements with a PR spin, no matter how cleverly composed they are. That the code was so broken in the first place points to how little the SU development process regards creativity in the first place. Otherwise, we could simply wait and see and adapt to whatever comes out and then request features that will take a year to implement.

    I don’t really mind this annual changing of minds so much. It does make it interesting to see how SU marketing direction creates incentives to overthrow old buggy code that had to be fixed by live user testing in favor of new buggy code that will have to be fixed by live user testing as long as we didn’t keep trying to hit a moving target.

    So unless SU writes and publishes specifications for new user interfaces prior to forcing slapdash new code into beta then strong and frequent criticism will have to be part of the process.


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