Change &add a site& to something more accurate

I’m adding this site to my favorites. It’s about how “Add a site” on stumbleupon version 4 interface does not accurately describe or give a hint on the activity to follow.

One might also add that the ability to “add a site” is compromised by the fact that you need to write a review (such as this) or some tags in order to do so. One can’t simply add a site without reviewing or adding tags.

This is rendered ironic by the fact that there is no field in that form where tags may be inserted. This bodes ill for the statistical minority sometimes referred to as “stumblers who use tags.” Not that there is much one can do with tags on V4 except scroll down a list of them ordered by frequency of use.

Anyway, I added this to the stumbleupon database since I think it is an important discussion.

more about stumbleupon


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