Bring back the Tag Cloud

    Some SU developers claim most of us do not use tags.

    In fact we all do whether we realize it or not. Many of us get to know your favorites via the tag cloud and an alphabetical list of tags is the best way of finding one’s own favorites.

    In SU V4, the developers have tagged as “implemented” a drop down menu sorted by popularity.

    This does not serve the purpose and helps no one except those who merely wish a casual cursory look at a stumblers favorites.

    For those who like using and managing their tags, please let SU know how you feel in the only forum they use to listen to you. Go to “get satisfaction” and click on the star in this thread, You don’t have to say anything, clicking on the star will be enough.

    Even if you don’t use tags, bear in mind that many of us enjoy looking at your tag cloud to help us find interesting sites.


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