This image was tagged as “space exploration” and the thought of someone stumbling that topic and getting this sort of thing made me smile. But as a good stumblezen I decided to report it as miscat. Now as some of you might have noted by now, I like posting interesting images which feature representations of celestial objects. A good number of these show our friend The Moon. Since Luna is a popular mystical symbol in many cultures, it is often associated with paganism, and SU seems to have taken this to heart by consistently recommending “Wicca” as a topic for almost any site or image filename with the word “Moon” in it. I have nothing against pagans, mind you. I’d happily be a devotee of Artemis or Hecate if there were something interesting to do that did not involve ritual sacrifice or divination from entrails. Witnessing the blood letting of a bull on the steps to the Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus on the Capitoline would certainly be more interesting than falling in line for two hours for a glimpse of the Sistine Chapel. But let’s get realistic here. There are certainly many more associations that La Bella Luna has for us than pagan revivalism.

thank you anitab for the image


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