Goddess/Consort Application Form

This is in response to this appeal.

7.1 Name: Venus aka Aphrodite, Ishtar
7.2 Photos: I got lots but this is my fav!

7.3: Height: 4 1/2 cubits?

7.4: Country of Birth: Foam on the Coast of Cyprus

7.5: How I found your website: I follow Mercury on Twitter

7.6: Some of my feelings about your lengthy message.

Relationship Status: Okay, it’s complicated. I have a husband who spends entire days tinkering with god gadgets such as flying horse drawn chariots, spears of lightning and drinking cups that never empty. I have a boyfriend who’s kinda hot but stupid and let’s his testosterone poison his brain everytime there’s about to be a fight then wanders off for several months. The last time this happened he was helping those UN guys look for WMD’s in Mesopotamia to see if they really could cause destruction and/or pestilence. Boy was he disappointed. He was in a blue funk over the whole thing for weeks and when we finally did get some hot action going it took all of three minutes. Bottom line: I’m really interested in this tantric sex stuff you keep going on about.

Spirituality: Uhm, well I don’t really do those 15 minute meditation things you mention. Wait! Do any of those involve masturbation cuz then it might be a yes. Oh! And I’m not a scientologist (phew!)

Body: *smiles*


(No psychiatry. No mental disorders. No psych meds.)

Yup! None of that crap. Not sure about Bachelor’s degree though.


She is RELIABLE about phone calls and dates with me.

As long as I can find the right dress sure no problem. Let me tell you though that goddess hairstyles can take awhile to get right so this “reliable” business will have to be flexible okay?


She understands that the elite tyrants have reached an advanced state in the systematic imposition of their so-called “authority” onto the population of the entire world.

Boy don’t I ever! Actually I kinda know men are stupid about running things and get in the way of a good time.

She has the COURAGE to unite with and give her full Goddess support to a powerful man (me) who dares to believe that tyranny can be eliminated from the face of this earth during our lifetime.

Uh, okay, whatever…


She believes in the light-filled MAGIC of sacred sex. She wants to utilize this magic to manifest our Global Vision. She realizes that her sacred sexual union with me is crucial for manifesting the Global Vision.

Actually I kinda invented the concept. I mean look at all that boinking going on! Not sure about the Light-filled though. Are you, like into kinky LED kinda stuff?

She is WILLING to surrender and be worshipped as a Goddess.
She is WANTING to surrender and be worshipped as a Goddess.
She is WAITING to surrender and be worshipped as a Goddess.

Been there, done that. Next!

My interest is NOT in controlling her, but rather in creating ecstasy in her

NOW yer talkin’!

7.7 Spiritual Practices: I like influencing mortals into the act of love. I know this deeply and it is in my very nature. I like playing footsies.

7.8. “Any objections you have to what I have stated in this web site, and/or things you might want to negotiate about.”

Actually I’m really just wondering about that “Light” thing you want to change everything for. Wait! Are you Prometheus? Is this some sort of candid-camera website thing? Cuz if you are I know this chick with a box.

7.9. “One or more questions you would like me to answer.”

Do you wear socks in bed? (I hope not!)


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