Google Chrome Icon Project

    Why I’m using the web toolbar

    I have transferred my browsing experience to an eeePC. The cool thing about the eee is that it has a 5+ hour battery life and you can stick it into almost anything and bring it along (on those rare occasions I have somewhere to go to) anywhere. The downside is the 10 inch screen has a resolution of 1024×600 pixels, which means that Firefox with all the various toolbars occupies almost a third of the screen. My solution to that is Google Chrome which with its minimalist approach to interface design has only two lines of toolbar plus all those little tabs.

    This causes certain problems:
    1. No SU extension scripts (there being no greasemonkey for chrome)
    2. No shares in the stumblebutton

    The upside is:
    1. Fast
    2. Never takes over your entire PC
    3. Easier bookmarking

    I’ll get back to FF soon enough to see your stumbles, but I do wish SU would put this functionality in the webtoolbar.

    weirdness note: you default to the visual editor but it behaves like the normal editor – bug??


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