A Un Gato | To A Cat

Irish Fairy Tales, The Story of Tuan Mac Cairill: Every beast pursued me... so that I got no rest, Arthur Rackham.

A un gato

No son más silenciosos los espejos
ni más furtiva el alba aventurera;
eres, bajo la luna,
esa pantera que nos es dado divisar de lejos.

Por obra indescifrable de un decreto divino,
te buscamos vanamente;
más remoto que el Ganges y el poniente,
tuya es la soledad, tuyo el secreto.

Tu lomo condesciende a la morosa caricia de mi mano.
Has admitido, desde esa eternidad que ya es olvido,
el amor de la mano recelosa.
En otro tiempo estás.
Eres el dueño de un ámbito cerrado
como un sueño.

~Jorge Luis Borges

To a Cat

The mirrors have not more silence,
nor more wile a wandering dawn;
you are, beneath the moon,
that obscure panther in the distance.

By undecipherable work of divine decree;
remoter than the Ganges and the sunset
yours is the solitude, yours is the secret;
we look for but cannot see.

Your langour lets my hand caress your entirety.
You have permitted, until this now forgotten eternity,
the love of a suspicious hand.

You are of a different time.
You are the lord of a private land,
like a dream.

~Jorge Luis Borges

I translated this on someone’s insistence. Although I quite enjoyed the experience, it took me longer than normal since my Spanish, not very good to begin with, is rusty.

Image source:
Arthur Rackham at Artsy Craftsy


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