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    I am completely uncertain about how to categorize this. For certain “rhetoric” comes to mind, as it is indeed the only honest category to explain this term. Unfortunately, SU’s post-postmodern sense of Ironic Sincerity does not include such a category. The SU category system having been invented through an automatic process at inception, based on a collection of popular search terms in the late 1990’s, reflects a cultural paradigm of earlier pre-Web 2.0 users; one whose perspective is obviously not attuned to SU’s current userbase. (I note, with a sense of full postmodern irony, that SU’s owners and developers are younger than the average users.) So, since most internet users have only a dim perception of the word “rhetoric,” usually one in a pejorative sense as in “that’s just rhetoric!” implying pure form without any regard to content, we are left with a sense of modernist Angst; that a system of categories exists which does not include one of the principal disciplines of classicism. Should I ask that Rhetoric be more than just a tag and a full fledged category? Is this an imperative? Or should we just allow culture its due? Many questions.


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