All Sorts of Hamlets


    Richard Burbage

      was born in 1567 and died in 1619. He was the best known actor of the Elizabethan stage, and played the principal parts in Shakespeare’s pieces. By a curious coincidence, the actor, like the author, was born in the little town of Stratford-on-Avon. At an early age he appeared as a player, and by the time he was twenty, had established a reputation. During the next dozen years his fame steadily increased. With his brother, Cuthbert, he built the Globe Theatre, in London, celebrated for its connection with Shakespeare. This theatre was a summer playhouse, the one at Blackfriars, which was roofed in, being utilized in winter. In this venture Burbage had Shakespeare as a partner, both being members of the Lord Chamberlain’s company of players. Burbage created many famous rles, and, from “A Funeral Elegy,” of which several versions exist, it seems certain that he was the original Hamlet, Othello, and Lear.

    some nice Hamlets saying you-know-what from:

    Grungy Mel
    Coolish Ken
    and a somewhat hammy Larry

    Thanks to Uyulua’s post for the inspiration.


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