It was quite late, but it was important because her sadness was apparent and of a mood to erupt once more. Still, I made to try and thought: “Perhaps there will be time to intervene with the cooperation of those who know her best”; so I attempted the necessary; to consult some who could separate and observe these from various angles; we could then huddle and grunt and uncover a solution; this being the plan, but my conspirators in their various oranges and grays had other minds; I didn’t know them well enough to understand their peculiar manner of expression, so my imagination had to supply for much of the gaps my understanding lacked.

Now, there were three of these assembled; one gray, one orange and the third colored curiously in some combination of those two plus snatches of black and white. All three indicated their willingness to assist (so their manner suggested) and I indicated to them, as best as I could, the problem at hand; this being the reason why Melancholy had again visited She who owns their Universe; and that this may eventually erupt into a burst of verse that, though we would delight in it (myself at any rate since I cannot speak for the others) but, at its depth puzzled those around her.

The first of these was the gray. He lacked the gravity that maturity bestows on his kind but could be trusted to know the best manner of attacking tree ornaments (a skill I admit some admiration for); thus I acted out my question to him first. He looked surprised that this was her current condition, being one more likely to incur ire and forgiveness in turn, so the entire concept seemed quite foreign to him. I could tell though that her words were familiar to him and that he seemed to understand my distress, so he motioned his understanding once more in a manner that indicated the others were more likely to produce the answer, and quickly sought other, more interesting diversions than myself.

I then turned to the orange who seemed of sweeter disposition; and since I could detect the remnants of a very recent past just around the corners of her smile, knew that what wisdom may be found there might be useful. Her eyes and stretches told me that her mistress was more than likely to be wandering the halls muttering cadences and incantations of a most curious nature; then as likely, dash off to manipulate a pencil over various yellow sticky note papers, which she would then arrange in kabalistic combinations that somehow approximated the floating forms of the name of some god. These moments were disconcerting, but they did not prevent Her from providing the usual important comforts, such as the contents of a tin and a scratch on the chin (this one was wont to rhyme as well apparently,) so no undue action would be considered necessary as long as those primal needs were met.

I thanked this second one for her non-assistance and charm by stroking her a few times, which she appreciated for a few moments, then wandered off to discover where in this Universe of their inhabitance her attention would be most needed. And so I hopefully turned my attention to the last.

This third one glanced calmly at me with her differently colored eyes. She had some difficulty being discerned for she had already spent most of her possible lives and was more ghost than beast by this point in her current one. I felt a good thing–-she and I concluded that we were dealing with spirituality here–-that the carnality that I had anticipated for so long now seemed a distant enough promise to consider alternatives; and now her dully languid manner changed into eloquent activity of a clarity approaching speech:

“You know she is grieving her own loss. You are not the only cause of this but are partly to blame, and though it is not your fault, you cannot avoid this. So do what you must, you know how this will play if you show her your honest soul as you have been doing. Continue and be patient, for she loves you, whose faults are but part of a greater nature which she knows; as long as you know her truth, and act with truth, you will know her gladness returned.”

I thanked her with whatever actions seemed necessary. She slowly turned transparent and vanished (as I had expected) knowing she would return soon. As for her mistress, I knew her better now and was eager for her all the more.


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