Celestial #1

Celestial #1

Celestial #1

Soon enough,  soon enough, the World
Shall be too small to contain that distance
And Oceans shall part, and all around applaud
The Art! No more resistance.


You’d think that he was just one of them fellas

You’d think that he was just one of them fellas
Looking everywhere for places shady.
(This poet shows us far too many umbrellas.)

His page is white as half the hair of Cruella
(Now there was one! A real crazy lady!)
You’d think that he was just one of them fellas.

His words are good they make me say “Que bella!”
Like architecture as convoluted as Gaudi
(This poet shows us far too many umbrellas.)

Want poems? He sends them squirting out like jello
Or spreading them on toast just like a baby
You’d think that he was just one of them fellas.

He makes me laugh like Abott & Costello
(Betcha he sings lot’s like a buncha Brady’s)
While showing us ’bout far too many umbrellas

And at the end he gets us all so mellow
From hanging out with coffee and crumbly pastry
You’d think that he was just one of them fellas
(But what the heck’s with all of them umbrellas?!)


It was quite late, but it was important because her sadness was apparent and of a mood to erupt once more. Still, I made to try and thought: “Perhaps there will be time to intervene with the cooperation of those who know her best”; so I attempted the necessary; to consult some who could separate and observe these from various angles; we could then huddle and grunt and uncover a solution; this being the plan, but my conspirators in their various oranges and grays had other minds; I didn’t know them well enough to understand their peculiar manner of expression, so my imagination had to supply for much of the gaps my understanding lacked. Read the rest of this entry »

How to drive people away

No one is that important.

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You didn’t push anyone out of the core groups. If anything, you kept up the right spirit by bringing honest discussion out where it belonged and brought attention to the much needed fact that the cores needed moderation again. And of that you can be proud.

The core forums are being paid attention to again. These should be places where stumblers can meet safely with a few (and hopefully even a few more) well chosen moderators. I underline that word because it is indeed safe to post there if you are honest and do not carry a personal agenda. Feel free to challenge the ideas of others if you think they are wrong, and if they take it personally and accuse you of "personal attacks" or "hindering their experiences" in tones of victimhood, that will be their problem and not yours.

Don’t worry, they can’t hurt you if you are true to yourself. Let them play the victim all they want, but we need good and reasonable people there to maintain quality.

Don’t go.

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καὶ σύ, τέκνον

Do Something Funny For Money | Red Nose Day 2011


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