Yellows & Blacks

Asked if I was in love—I think I said
Rather generally, ‘yes I am’—But a meaning
Forestalling stalker tactics had crept out—
Making lies of any further flippantness.

They would have easily heard out loudly then
About this: (How I might love with pride) Just
As vibrant fields of yellows & blacks gracefully
Descended, playing loudly long triumphal chords.

Strangely timorous wings, proudly shivering—
With voice now fluttering along with Monarchs,
Nimbus clouds now strong and dark descend,
Whose pregnancies weighed the air with pressure.

More suddenly, ever stranger orders of nature,
Mischievous gods cracked the heavens open
Lending light and absurdity to that field—
Saturated and startling in yellow and black.

Asked if I was in love—I then forgot—
As wave on wave of light descended there—
And so I knew and saw that Day had come—
And Knew all further Days would be with Her.


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