The Road to Heaven

I do not know what they call this dusty road
but I considered and decided that
it must lead to Heaven. Oh? You doubt?
More tired this morning than all of last year
I sat down and closed my eyes and thought
of the forest behind our house. There
at the edge of that place with the smuggled maple–
the other trees did not object–but it puzzled
those two deer along its edge, furtive
about that sly coyote in the distance.
Not caring about any of that, squirrels
came close to the house alerting the cats
with whom they began a conversation wiser
than either of us could comprehend, while you
concerned yourself with the qualities of a Giclée
meant to fulfill the order of some distant
self-appointed Emperor. This must be
accomplished now, so that there would be time
later to allow the merchant to be impressed
by your craftiness at choosing those finest
of items to sustain us. I open my eyes
and Heaven seems no closer yet, but surely
this must be the road that leads there.


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