Sisters Twain

sisters twain—who move those sorry winds
you—who  are the sharpness of cool dawn;
you—who are the fullness of warmth midday;
sisters twain must do this now:

that compass there before you place
and measure for which east to face
and with your lotus blossoms worn
and touching knees to knees to form
holy triangles.

now gather holy fruits
let those allow your laps;
now peal those holy fruits
wearing holy robes that hint
of curve of breast and hip;
now peal those holy robes–be naked

from curve of shoulder to curve of hip;
now allow those holy triangles
show, between your naked knees
and naked breasts and let flow
holy juices. and they–

who would not come to lap from each of you
will never know those holy secrets that
you–what could have shown to him
you–what could have meant to be
sisters twain


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