Sad Delicious Poetry

Oh sad delicious Poetry, where are you now?
We come to sit beside you by the light
That comes in streaming, exposing each deep wrinkle
In dark and stark relief of sudden saddening.
Is it now time to take your hand and shove
Outside fresh dirt that smells of rotting leaves
Torn from each and every book we’ve falsely praised?
Or should we just knife you in the back before dinner?
I watch you, watching me in dumb confusion.
Too many great experiments, too many crowds
Of elevated swing kids and rappers, raised mundanely
On cheap vanilla rhyme, never tasting
The deep luxurious fatness of the cream
We knew you for, but that kitchen’s been closed too long.
Remember? You killed Hector! Dragged him thrice around
That Priam begged a mangled form for burning.
It’s your fault, this pride, that ruined you in the end.
Not some arrow in your heel but the echoes
Of your bronze before they made steel.


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