I may as well say it


I may as well say this here and now.

I don’t mind the list of links on the bottom of every page. I just ignore it until I need it.

I like the sidebar. It’s useful, it isn’t ugly, it’s just there. When I tried to turn it off using a script under V2 I missed it so I put it back.

If you are reading this blog with the sidebar turned off, this page won’t look as I intended so please keep it where it belongs while you are here. I like having my posts closer to the left margin. This blog belongs on the left.

I have no problem figuring out which group I am looking at in the groups page. I don’t need a giant group icon to tell me anything since I can recognize the icon at its current size. And I like knowing which of my friends posted last from seeing their avatars.

I’ve never missed ‘Classic’. I thought it was a childish looking interface. There is nothing particularly elegant about it. It did not favor content, it only did less because it was a work in progress so it seemed less cluttered. But you had to use more clicks to get things done. V2 was slicker and more useful, but after a couple of months of using this one, I now prefer it.

Now that some of the database issues have been solved, V3 loads pages much faster than either V1 or V2 (my observation.)

The Friends and Subscribers system was a welcome change. I no longer have to agonize about unsubscribing from someone. I do agonize when losing friends but that is the nature of real friendship. This has nothing to do with V3 by the way. It was something done at another time for another reason.

If you don’t like the contrast between character and background on your theme, use another and ask for a better one in that color.

They really are listening to your suggestions and complaints in the groups, especially if you are specific and sincere in your requests and reports.

I don’t think this is the result of a huge conspiracy to make money off us (though no doubt SU does.) And even if it is, it doesn’t matter as long as we enjoy the service.

Finally, I rarely get spam. Maybe a couple of jerks a month in my inbox, and I don’t really notice if I get any in my stumbles since I don’t mind seeing SEO pages. SU has a good spam fighting algorithm going and it seems to be working.

To all Classic die-hards out there, please relax. It’s just a new interface. It makes stumbling easier and better, and while there is a learning curve, you will learn new ways of doing things that will become intuitive in due course.



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