Observations on the Official Military Websites

Soldiers are actors who directly express the political will of the state they represent by the use of force. But this also extends to the terminology used in their official websites.

The IDF website calls the HAMAS “Terrorists”

The Al Qassam Brigade refers to the government of Israel as “The Zionist Entity”

Both are consistent in their regard for each other as illegitimate states.

No state has an absolute right to exist. They do so by a combination of political will expressed through force, and their recognition by other states expressed through diplomacy. It is clear that the first step towards any reconciliation would be to bring both parties to the same page of the dictionary, that they acknowledge officially each other as de facto states representing real people with real lives at risk. As long as Israel and HAMAS do not regard each other as legitimate states then there will be no peace effort and more misery for ordinary people.

– seb


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