Other Words for Said


I had to add a ‘few’ more with explanations where necessary. Some are a stretch and (quite) a few are transitive verbs, but really ‘said’ is often all you need.

  • Alleged
  • Affronted
  • Blamed
  • Barfed  – when what you say ought to have induced this instead
  • Barraged – when you engage in diatribe or rant only worse.
  • Bleated – to say something sheepishly only more so
  • Bantered
  • Condescended
  • Derided
  • Demonstrated
  • Diverted – "Oh look at that bird!" just as she asks you about where you were last night
  • Eloquated  – spell check denies this, and in fact there is no such verb, but it ought to be when you are pretending eloquence
  • Exonerated
  • Fumbled
  • Fantasized
  • Fabricated
  • Gainsaid
  • Garbled
  • Implied
  • Jargonned  – see eloquated only about technical writing. Useful in sounding knowledgeable in order to end an argument.
  • Loud-mouthed – as implied
  • Lauded
  • Mistook
  • Mimicked
  • Naysaid – If gainsaid is a real verb this ought to be also
  • Nodded
  • Onomatopeid – transitive verb. okay a bit of a stretch but one may imagine someone mimicking – "so why not just say ‘mimicked’? – oh but where’s the fun in that!
  • Omnipotenced – When making godlike statements
  • Persuaded
  • Pandered
  • Pomposited – See omnipotence only not so holy
  • Quaffed – When you say something just after a long swig
  • Remonstrated
  • Remorsed – Saying something in an extra-apologetic manner e.g. "mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa" he remorsed
  • Regurgitated – what you say after  someone who fed  you a line
  • Stentorated – from Stentor who was a herald for the Greeks in the Iliad, whence ‘stentorian’. Wikipedia also tells me this is (ironically) some sort of protozoa.
  • Sentenced – What a judge says after the jury declares you guilty
  • Titillated – When you say something sexily funny "is that a gun in your pants…?" she titillated
  • Terminated – When you say something not meant to be responded to, as in "Done."
  • Tantalized
  • Umbraged – when you say something in response to an upsetting remark
  • Undertoned – when something serious but not quite clear is implied by your remark
  • Undercut – when something flippant but not clear is implied by your remark
  • Waffled
  • Yapped
  • Zeroed-in – when finally say what you had meant as a main point after waffling


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