One on One – Terry Waite – 14 Jul 07 – Part 1

A two part interview with Terry Waite by Riz Khan.

Some of you might remember Terry Waite who successfully negotiated the release of hostages from both Iran and Lybia before spending five years as a hostage himself in Lebanon.

I think Western politicians should pay close attention to what Mr. Waite has to say in dealing with politics in the Middle East.

"If we go into Iraq and remove a dictator by force, what we stand in grave danger of doing is releasing the forces that he’s held down by his dictatorial power and we’ll probably create a situation that is unmanageable… If you do that you’ll very likely create a situation which proves to be a recruiting ground for young people to enter into more terrorist acts. You cannot stick democracy on a country the way you stick a postage stamp on a letter. And certainly a model for democracy that may come from America or from Britain, you can’t just transpose it into the middle east like that. Nor should you try."

"… What we need to remember… there are values in the middle east… there are ordinary people like you and I, who have families, who care about life, who care about the future, with whom you can talk. And what do we do so often? We just go with a big stick and try to push them around and knock them over the head. And I think that’s a wrong approach, a totally wrong approach."

Terry Wait Interview:
Part 1
Part 2


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