The Trouble with Poetry: A Poem of Explanation | Edutopia

Oh, Billy Collins you are right!
That I no sooner sat and thought
Of what you said, when something forced
A smashing flash of L.E.D.
Electric eels (wriggling upwards
Through my nostrils!) tricking fancy
Exposition of staccato motion
My dizzy fingers are possessed by–
Not that lazy, sordid, sub-prime
And Maddoff sort of trickery, that some
Would window dress with prose enjambment
(That is an affront to honest pushers
Of truthful, gorgeous wastefulness)
That so, and though I had a choice
But chose surrender, now give bread
Again to everything that is Holy;
To walk once more this more
Neglected path you know I’d owned.
Oh, Billy Collins had no joy
More than what I’d known before
Or more than now or evermore.

– sebastian


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