What is it?
An experimental effort to provide a user experience similar to the SU V1 (Classic) interface.

Does it do that?
Not really, at least not yet. It presents a layout that mimics the older interface visually with a subset of important SU functions, but without many of the other features SU provides.

Why is it there?
Many V1 interface users are unhappy with the forced move to a single interface. It also attempts to address a number of issues that are not related to the interface outlined here:

    1. Is not overrun with spammers
    2. Is not overrun with adverts.
    3. Is not overrun with testosterone-poisoned adolescents
    4. Allows sharing websites with comments without involving email
    5. Allows personal communication without involving email
    6. Removes stalkers and abusers
    7. Doesn’t punish poor folks who have slow connections with long load times
    8. Does what it says on its tin; i.e. It Works
    9. Allows online bookmarking and content tagging for future reference/retrieval
    10. Is easy to use
    11. Has a clean, simple layout
    12. Block user function operates on reviews pages and across entire site – i.e., once a user is blocked, none of their content is seen
    13. Provides a place for advertising, keeping 1, 2 & 11 in mind. (Focused advertising? Opt-in?)

Significant also are the SU features to be excluded:

    * No Forums
    * No lists of "top" members
    * No "X has Y number of friends"
    * No Automatic mis-categorization of pages ;)
    * A review of a Member is only shown in the reviewer’s Blog (not consolidated together with all the other reviews of that Member)

What does it do now?
If you join with your SU username it displays the first page of your SU blog in a Classic like page without any editing capability. You can also "Stagger" "Blog" and send pages via links to javascripts which are recommended to be placed the bookmars bar of your browser to simulate the more important features of the SU toolbar. You can also review a site with "Blog it" or post your own blog entries.

What does it NOT do?
Provide much in the way of information or feedback about the page you "Stagger" (no toolbar) or about the person whose page you are viewing except what they choose to show.

What can it do that SU doesn’t?
It provides for much more page formatting options since it doesn’t filter html tags. You can use div and span and page position CSS attributes. If you dig into the code you can actually make to page look like anything you please by positioning individual blog posts with absolute positioning.

Is it easy to use?
Generally yes because it does very little and there are as yet no options for formatting other than tinkering with the CSS style. If you are not willing to look at code then you will not be able to do simple page modifications like color choices. I anticipate a feature to do so will be there eventually. But if you don’t mind some coding, you will be able to use any colors and font-choices you please.

Should I join?
There’s no harm in taking a look. But don’t expect much at the moment. But as features build it may be an interesting alternative look to your SU blog, at least for looking at the first page. Contributing to the database is easy enough but without topics it doesn’t serve much use yet for filtered stumbling.

Will I enjoy it?
In its current state, probably not if you are expecting the full SU-user experience of Classic. If you don’t have any sense of nostalgia for classic then you probably won’t want to use it much. But if you happen to like playing with CSS, you can go wild.


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