The Harmony of the World [image 371×500 pixels]

“Then since they have embraced a certain pattern of the creation in their functions, they also observe the same laws along with the Creator in their operations, having derived them from geometry. Also they rejoice in the same proportions which God used, wherever they have found them, whether by bare contemplation, whether by the interposition of the senses, in things which are subject to sensation, whether even without reflection by the mind, by an instinct which is concealed and was created by them, or whether God Himself has expressed these proportions in bodies and in motions invariably, or whether by some geometrical necessity of infinitely divisible material, and of motions through a quantity of material, among an infinity of proportions which are not harmonic, those harmonic proportions also occur in their own time, and thus subsist not in BEING but in BECOMING.”

Johannes Kepler, The Harmony of the World


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