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LF Richardson: “Electrical Model illustrating a Mind having a Will but capable of only Two Ideas” (1930)

Jung’s three sketches of schizophrenia

Remembrance of Things Past

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William Bennett Gallery -Steve Cieslawski

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Discografia Eric Clapton – Taringa!

Moral y Revolucion | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

…"La morál de la revolución está tan alta como las estrellas" Fidel

from a friend of my friend silenus3milenio SU StumbleUpon: Community &feedback& or Community

A very interesting discussion about how SU might improve their process for X-rating a stumbler.

It started with a proposal for a review board to appeal to in case of an unfair rating. Various opinions were raised, both for and against the concept. A very lively discussion followed on what "X-rated" really means in SU terms; especially the travails of sargt000 on whom it was particularly unfair. As well for italian-scallion who remains mysteriously X-rated to this day.

An altogether very interesting read for stumblers who care about an issue that could affect their stumbling experience as well as that of their friends.

Too bad it got locked.

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Sebastian, you could write brochures for a living.

Dios Omnipotente Misericordia


‘What will your obituary say?’ at

hilariously found via pjocall – ‘Round Midnight by Judy W


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