Ardashir and I discussing political theory via "send to" notes:

"lol funny as they say. anarchist chess: the pieces are all over the place?"

"Anarchist chess: like marxist and desegregated chess combined?"

"Yes. And then the only question remains: who may start?"

"The audience discusses that until they achieve a consensus. If no consensus is achieved then they nominate a decision maker whose decision will be severely criticized by all and a new game based on traditional pieces setting is formed."

"*Chuckle* Sounds like a Socialist Worker’s Party meeting to me :) What would Bakunin say??? Perhaps the problem is in seeing both parties in opposition, which they are not. They are decentralised groups of a larger whole. One pawn will walk up to another irrespective of group and say hello. They will trade knowledge, commodities, experiences, whatnot. New groups are formed, fluidly exchanging (that sounds wrong) members, knowledge commodities, etc. Everybody is so preoccupied with this dance they forget there was a chessboard to start off with. Peace is secured forever."

"Yes! Anarchist chest is a dusty forgotten board with the playing pieces wondering where the players went ;)"


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