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Warm drift, graze gentle, White below the sky, Soft sheep, mirrors, Snow clouds.

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Telescopes and Observatories

Chinese astronomers emphasized the close relationship between heaven and Earth. They believed that events in heaven reflected those on the Earth. For example, new occurrences, such as a novae, signaled important changes on Earth. Chinese star charts, shown below, divided the stars into `lunar mansions’, similar to constellations. The Milky Way was referred to as the `Yellow River’, linking them both to seasonal rainfall.

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Traffic Jam: Photo by Photographer Ilia Zilberman –

The road seemed wide, but many cars
had shamed the pavement; streaming stars on asphalt
Standing still, waiting their fault,
Conspiring the night into a halt; then something
New, considerable, began to sing
Blaming loud at all who bring away
The peace into that dark deserted way;
I had not choice at all, I played my part
Pretending all sufficed in art
While Truth behind me spoke ‘Go now, start the day
That they cannot ever repay
What’s lost, pleases not display with stars’

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Not ever, no goodbye could ever cover
No sentiment could ever be enough
To replace that reality that you over
Me trace, that voice at times so gruff
But reality, does me an amazement
That one could spark so much this lover
Of arranging words; so with this sentiment
Place me with your glow into my place
To wait the nearness; I so now lament–
But let me know what’s right to smile your face
And let me make amends, though rather late,
So with what time there is we share one fate.