Dante Gabriel Rossetti


Venus Verticordia.

D.G. Rossetti, pinx.

Walter L. Colls. Ph. Sc.
Figure: Replica of Venus Verticordia. â€oeVenus stands naked amongst a mass of honeysuckle and cluster of pink roses … in her hand an apple … and a dart …. Minor variation in the action of the dart and the pose of the hands, also in the fall of the hair, here worn in a fringe on the forehead; the butterflies on the halo omitted, but one is poised on the apple.†Surtees, p. 99-100"

Sir Launcelot in the Queen's Chamber.
Lancelot in Guinivere’s Chamber.Figure: Launcelot bends and looks out of window, sword in hand. Queen has her back to him, with eyes closed and hands clasped at her throat. In the background crouch several of the queen’s ladies, covering their faces.


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The Case of Duchamp and Poincar&233; / Symposium Articles


Poincaré also wrote about non-Euclidean and four-dimensional geometry, and Duchamp’s notes indicate that these ideas intrigued him. He especially liked the notion of getting three-dimensional perspective on four-dimensional objects, rather like the way a set of 2D representations, such as photographs taken from different angles, can be used to visualize 3D objects. Shearer thinks that these geometrical ideas influenced Duchamp’s ready-mades–or, rather, his photographs of them, as most of the originals have been lost.

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Elephant Escort


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Humanistic Art: An Introduction