The Monster You Know

I noticed you – you said or showed some thing
to catch my eye and mind, and then I thought
that you would be my wishful heart’s desire.

I study every word you’ve ever written
in every comment in each and every post-
everything into notes I keep of you.

Then send to you a sumpteous friendly greeting
of admiration for your style, and how
I desire nothing more than friendship.

And then I start those words to capture you –
each word I plan with care, and thoughtful knowledge
for now I know you more than you yourself.

So now of course, you fall in love with me
so well you need my company, so well
and hang on each and every word I say.

I drink attention from your soul and play
those hours and hours of things I know of you
that make you pray that I forever stay.

And then I notice you are not the perfect one,
too strong, too fragile, heartaches from the past
and all too much for logic to prevail

So then I leave and let the silence speak
to let you know that it was just – a friendship –
after all, so why the sudden pain?

This method always works to catch those hearts
before my own rejection’s cause – and now
yours I had and leave it for my own.


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