A Challenge

I pondered on that point you sharply thrust before me
Of Challenge! Ah would I so relish spade on spade.
Our feet toss dust in clouds to guise our merry game
And let the spectres ponder who has scored a point.
But peace! For now and let allow, that games so pleasing
Are not for those who carry vices that will show.
For in this sparring here, who enters with false pride
Shall simply find that mockery is their gift deserved.
And so it is, this humble servant’s single wish,
That any challenge placed should match the sharpest wit.
And those without that spice in blood that you desire
Withdraw in haste, for pain’s the only thing that’s sure.
So please! So lay it so before this day is done
Your challenge for those men who would to you be true.
For I’d be there to match you steel for steel and then
We’d fall together thus once more in sweetest love.


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