The Image of You in a Garden

The image of you in a garden –
Your face concentrated as you work
I feel the true and pure intensity
Of love flowing from your hands
Into the soil, which absorbs this
So that our spring may benefit

I imagine your smell as you work –
A smell of dirt and sun and sweat
That as you wipe off your brow,
The stain on your sleeve speaks
Of this garden as your expression
For it is your gift to our spring

I’d sooner this scent of you than soap –
For it is the scent of your love
For all things that breath and grow
That you would nurture into life
And I cannot imagine you as other
Than this bringer of spring and love

– Sebastian


3 Comments on “The Image of You in a Garden”

  1. Genevieve says:

    breathtaking Sebastian….

    ~ Genevieve

  2. nefertie nic says:

    Wow Sebastian Sebastian
    Delicous Creative
    Captivating and Clever
    I love the poetry

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