Let Me Tell You, Bird of Mine

Let me tell you,
Bird of mine
About a curious calling.

Let me look back
At all those words
Flung at me
So that your attention
I would seek.

Whispered words
Left on my pillow
Allusions in jest
And Truths told, and
Exclamations in anger!
Tales of lives in disarray,
In the sweetest songs
Of tender, anxious pains.

And I submitted to you
All of my being,
Broke one heart
Destroyed an apparent
Soulful worderer
(Who was false)
And lay myself down
For your disposal.

And you drew me
Into your family.

You showed me
You and your own
And accepted
As you thought
Others of like mind
Who you would love as well.

And when that was done
We danced, and ate
And shared the grass
With sweet melodies.

Do not send me out now
Into any more rains
And nights of doubt.
Allow me stay here
In your light
As I allow as well.


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