Cats I’ve Known #4

Sit there tell us where ye’d been
Have all the Tom’s been mindin’?
We know thy sort, ye’re always seen
Top walls, ‘round corners hidin’

What’s it to you? Why do you mind?
I rub who I like, I purr as I please,
I catch a mouse, and deliver it to my kind
And yowl atop roofs, then take my ease

We don’t blame you much, ‘ndeed
For them’s adventures as we will
But Toms all now have thee in their nights
So sooner then thee we would kill

Oh! Your warnings have me so afeared!
I sneer at your dour countenances collective
Should I leave, it shall be for my need
Now leave me be alone, savouringly reflective

Thy’ve wit we warrant, which we find fine
So should thee be lost we’d shed a tear
No actions first then, but should tops of walls
Know your silent padding, we shall hear


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