Love And Traffic

First Bus:
It’s noisy and it’s dusty
But you’ll figure it out
No signs, Not one,
How to get home.
But you wing it,
Smart one
Yes, so you read
The signs with hope
And soon enough
You’re sitting, relaxed
Streets roll along
Looking at the life of the street
It’s alive for you now,
And arrive

Then Car:
Get into the comfort
It exudes gas and power
Buckle and lean
And control
And hear her purr and
You’re stuck behind
An endless trail of
Red tail lights
First gearing along
Feet controlling
Struggling the death of the street
It’s fighting you now
And arrive

Now Love:
You control
Manipulate and shout
To get what you want
And think
“There! He’ll respond”
(Ha! Look where he’s gone
The bastard!)
And to find himself
He wanders off
And all that effort
Wasted on him
(The bastard)
But all he wanted
Was a chance to Laugh
And you arrive exhausted
So you let go
And allow the moments
To pass as they please
And they roll along
Less stress
And it holds you both
Without effort.


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