The Fable of Macaw and Jaguar

It was one of those usual wet and dark days deep within the Rain Forest. Now you might imagine that most days within such a forest would be so, and you would be right.

It was on such a day that Jaguar decided to climb a tree she knew Macaw frequented. She didn’t have any evil purpose for this (one Capybara less you see) but was always an admirer of Macaw’s wonderful plumage; he had blue feathers on his body and a bright red head and bits of green and yellow flashed here and there, a mighty beak for puncturing even the hardest of fruits. Jaguar felt she should go up and speak to Macaw to understand him better and to admire his plumage.

So up the tree Jaguar went, a bit difficult for she was not the best of climbers, and finally with some struggle she came near the top, and there was Macaw among a field of blossoming orchids. She hadn’t know about orchids before, because you have to get to near the top of the Rain Forest canopy to see them well.

“Oh! What a lovely sight!” Jaguar exclaimed.

“Hello! And Thank You!” replied Macaw, who was something of a narcissist with his bright plumage and all. In case you don’t know what a narcissist is, it’s someone who thinks too highly of themselves so that they can sometimes forget what others see. Yes it’s a problem for them.

“Oh! Macaw, I didn’t mean you!” said Jaguar, “I meant all these lovely flowers!”

“What flowers?” replied Macaw.

“Why all these, what are they called? Orchids! I think?”

“Oh! Why they’re alright I suppose. I hadn’t really noticed them.”

“Not noticed them? Why up ’til now I thought the most beautiful thing in the Rain Forest was you and now I realize I’d been mistaken.”

“No you aren’t mistaken. I’m still the most beautiful thing. All these flowers bloom only once in awhile. You were just lucky to see them today. I’m always beautiful.”

“So I’m lucky then, I searched for you, and I saw something new that few others see. I suppose I should thank you for that, for even though I still think you are beautiful, you are less beautiful now than I used to think. Your pride in yourself cannot match the shy beauty of these flowers. I’ll
come down from the tree now. Good bye.” said Jaguar as she started to climb down.

“Hello? Were you still there?” said Macaw, a little more dimly than usual.


One Comment on “The Fable of Macaw and Jaguar”

  1. Susan says:

    Still here..

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