off the cuff stuff

                    I can stand in the darkness
                    It frightens me not.
                    I can stand alone, there
                    In shadows that rule me
                    No more. I rule them.

                    – sebastian 2007

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    There was a time
    when I did walk and talk
    and walk some more.
    There was a time
    when I did dance and sing
    and dance some more.
    There was a time
    when I could run and play
    and run some more
    But now is a time
    to wear silly clothes and get hit
    and hit some more
    So maybe’s the time
    now to simply write and read
    and write some more.

— sebastian 2007

thank you doina for the image

                  While looking for something else
                  You search among the shadows
                  And forgotten corners for it
                  But see everything else.
                  There among the dusty remnants,
                  Those varied expressions lie
                  Seeing things from other times
                  And they appear new and strange again.
                  Odd, how old things come out
                  And look back at you.

                  But you search for something else
                  To bring a newness to the layers
                  That dust had rendered matte and dim.
                  It’s not in the old places, but
                  It’s somewhere near you can tell.
                  There’s under that rock?
                  No, not quite. But the ground looks rich.
                  But is it what you seek?
                  There’s a time for searching
                  A time for waiting.
                  And time for motion and making.

— sebastian 2007

With You

Should I do as they say?
Forget tomorrow, live today?
What is there in that to sing?
For what does tomorrow bring?

If not a another chance for you
For just another day with you.

For if a fragile thing may bend
And not break, it will mend.
No home is there in a heartache
A home for your soul, that I’d make.

Just one day at a time with you
One day at a time to be with you.

I see you now within the darkness

I see you now within the darkness
Allow this hand to take and draw you forth
And out of it into a brighter place.
I know how doubt surrounds
And cloaks me from your sight.
You should no longer fear
Any further passing back into the dark.
Here I play for you in sunlight.
Don’t look back, for fear
Will diminish this more than all.
What is, is. And cannot be undone.
Accept that hearts are grown large
And by then no adversity looms
Larger than any promise.

              “Once upon a time there was a child who was willful, and would not do what her mother wished. For this reason God had no pleasure in her, and let her become ill, and no doctor could do her any good, and in a short time she lay on her death-bed. When she had been lowered into her grave, and the earth was spread over her, all at once her arm came out again, and stretched upwards, and when they had put it in and spread fresh earth over it, it was all to no purpose, for the arm always came out again. Then the mother herself was obliged to go to the grave, and strike the arm with a rod, and when she had done that, it was drawn in, and then at last the child had rest beneath the ground.”

              Grimm’s Fairy Tales – The Willful Child

Had I But One Arm to Hold

Had I but one arm to hold
Even a brush of it against my own
Even it’s shadow on mine
Or just a memory of its form
Would allow a moment’s pause
To take breath. For there are not many
Who would hold a spirit for long
Against the adversities of memory.

So late me trace upon the dirt
Such signs to keep you still
Allow not a single muscle’s throb
And hold quiet there this moment.
That such love as mine for you
Should not have a song
For no words could contain it.

For I do love even the slightest
Moments of you. Each a point
Of light against the dark skies
That would my life describe.
I would not stay here long
No, not even stand an instant
If you were not. Where you are
I am. And I shall remain.