You who tempts my soul, beware
      Not all who venture gently here
      Would simply quietly stop and stare
      Think this exchange mere wondrous queer

      There, in the holes we do not follow
      Uncareful paths we dare not take
      Are deeper angry silences hollow
      Which we may unguardedly shake

      Remind ourselves in mutual-ness
      To perils may place to make us tame
      For thus our suit draws daggered-ness
      From out there at us they take aim


        You’ve read all the warnings
            Didn’t you?
        Ain’t trying to discourage you,
            I mean,
        You know the ill effects don’t you?
            ‘cause if
        No one’s explained this yet,
            You can’t
        Wear tight leather and allow me to
            Be sane,
        So you’d better not be doing that
            To me
        Anymore. No you better not wear
        Underwear exposed to all and me
            Nor let
        Me have a drag from that coital ci-
        ‘cause that would be too much like
            a kiss,
        And making love all over you in your

+ Your love is a gun+ by ~Amiba on deviantART

      I have my ways
      Not all for approval,

      Though this won’t lead
      To my removal.

      Though always flirting
      with others for fun,

      With you, my dear
      I bring a gun.

      About this policy
      The best thing is,

      You may search me
      Before we kiss.

        You may arrange yourself
        Wherever, however, and
        In any manner you please.

        Not for me to worry
        That you meet danger
        For that is your color.

thank you writejenn for the photo

There are in blank spaces
all directions

No color may define
Our actions

Direct yourself where you must
I as well

Despite any parting
Shadows tell

Paths and destinations
matter none

You and I shall always
remain one

    Dearest of my dearest,
    You should know,
    That certain things
    I know, and really know.

    But when you said to me
    – ‘the floor, you know’ –

    That did confuse me much.

    So know I didn’t know.

    But now I know enough
    That holding you there
    Is the only real thing
    I’ll ever need to know.

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    Your cleverness. In the past
    Had I thought it through,

    I’d have remembered better
    Than to play with you. 

    So at first, I thought,

    I was the clever one.

    Of course, I now see,
    your thing – done.

    Of course, I now know
    You do that very well.

    Indeed I do, and feel so
    very well, so very well.