No Longer Distancing Myself from Reality

The Guitarist


Had you considered the full range of possible outcomes you would still have chosen the path you’ve taken; but consequences are not always foreseeable even when all the data prescribe specific actions.

But such is the nature of the world and you live with consequences however unjust and carry on.


Yeah it sucks.

So you’re homeless, but not hopelessly so. You decide the hotel is too pricey for another night’s stay. Cheap hotels are like cancer cells in this district of foreign devils preying on local girls who are just as happy to surrender the remnants of their virtue for ready cash. No wonder the rooms are expensive. This is where they live with their customers when working and a welcome escape from the family shanty with no plumbing and the noise of a thousand hungry children.

You decide that a boarding room will help conserve cash and sure enough you see a welcome sign past the abjectly homeless family in the alley; they occupy a leeway covered by a dirty orange canvas tarp. You reflect on the irony as you walk past and put other thoughts aside in favor of your own.

The landlady is nice. The room is nice. You ask if you can smoke and she eloquently gives you an ashtray. Around the corner is the street of the food hawkers. Two dollars for a full plate and a beer while you shush the beggars. A cigarette boy slams his box on your table and points to your half-empty pack. You smile at him and shake your head. He wanders off to let you eat but a minute later tries the same trick. You wave him off with your hand knowing his problems are probably worse than yours but today is no day for charity.

You could live here but not for long. You have to move on tomorrow and find somewhere else but in the meantime this little room near the street food hawkers row will shelter you long enough to plan your next day.

Life sucks – but it has its uses.



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